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We provide cost-effective quality care to our beneficiaries. We are a multistate leading provider of quality service with several years of experience in the healthcare industry. We are part of the fastest growing segment in the industry and are strategically positioned for success.The International Center for Wellness offers outcome-driven behavioral health care services at home, community and via telehealth. When a beneficiary’s clinical status can be managed in their natural environment our goal is to make sure that can remain. In addition to receiving excellent service, our beneficiaries enjoy the support of their community, the inclusiveness of their family and the comfortable surroundings of their home or familiar environment.Evaluation and testing services are used to build a comprehensive assessment that establishes the basis for creating precise Individual Service Plans. The first purpose of our evaluation and testing process is to gather all information needed to determine consumer’s problems, symptoms, strengths, needs, abilities and preferences. It also allows us to develop a social and medical history, which determines a functional level and degree of ability for each consumer.The second purpose for these services is to allow face-to-face or telehealth assessments of personal, emotional and cognitive functioning to determine physiological relationships between behavior and physical health care issues. These evaluations may include communication with family and other sources, and the ordering and medical interpretation of laboratory or other medical diagnostic services.

Our Professional Development Courses

Individual Counseling

Family Counseling

Couples Counseling

Group Therapy

Pastoral Counseling

Clinical Supervision (NC, SC, GA)

Mental Health Assessments

Crisis Intervention

Trauma Therapy

Substance Abuse Counseling