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Inspire of the Carolina Inc. nonprofit organization

Inspire is a peer ran non-profit organization that's designed to increase social support and consultation to certified peer specialists as well as adolescents and adults who desire consultation and resources on how to expedite the health system to locate recovery-focused programs.  The Inspire team is 100% staffed with Nationally and State certified peer support specialists. 


Our Mission

Inspire of Carolina's focuses on the empowerment of individuals seeking long-term recovery from mind-altering substances and reoccurring mental illness.  Our organization is dedicated to organizing and mobilizing Americans in recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs as well as mental illness, our families, friends, and allies into recovery community organizations and networks, to promote the right and resources to recover through advocacy, education and demonstrating the power and proof of long-term recovery.


What we do

  • Mobilize and organize to raise the profile of the organized recovery community and help more people find recovery by demonstrating that  Americans from all walks of life have found recovery and promote the widespread understanding that long-term recovery is a reality and a process that takes time and support.

  • Build the capacity of recovery community organizations to thrive and participate in local, state and national policy arenas, deliver peer recovery support services; and mobilize the local recovery community.

  • Address public policy to reduce the discrimination that keeps people from seeking recovery or moving on to better lives once they achieve it and support recovery-oriented policies and programs.



  • Laws and policies enable recovery, health, wellness and civic engagement for people affected by alcohol and other drugs.

  • Communities are organized and mobilized to address policies, practices, and perceptions of people affected by alcohol and other drugs as well as mental illness.

  • Individuals, families, and communities affected by alcohol and other drugs as well as mental illness have universal access to quality, effective care and support to achieve recovery, health, wellness, and civic engagement.


Our Core Beliefs

  • Addiction recovery is a reality in the lives of millions.

  • There are many paths to recovery.

  • Recovery flourishes in supportive communities.

  • Recovery is a voluntary process.

  • Recovering people are part of the solution.

  • Recovery gives back what addiction takes away.

  • Recovery from mental illness can be accomplished with support, guidance, and resources to be successful. 



We value opportunities to work with like-minded organizations working on the local, state and national level to find solutions to addiction in America and promote recovery for all.  We are proud of the strong partnerships we have built and fortified since 2001.  Our broad reach allows us to bring the voice of recovery to numerous councils, committees, collaboratives, conferences, initiatives, stakeholder forums, expert panels, and more across the nation.

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